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2013 BOD set for March 2013

ElectionBOD Position Descriptions

President- the LBA President must be a member of the LBA & attend all board meetings. They will serve as the voice of the organization and to help the business community thrive. The president works along side the City leaders, Community Improvement District, Gwinnett County Chamber, and other business groups to highlight the LBA and attract business owners to join and participate. The President, works along side the board, to organize, plan, and execute the monthly meetings and agendas. In addition, the President helps to support community events such as Relay for Life, Lilburn Daze, and other local projects. Finally, the President has the responsible to grow the organization in a positive direction so that business owner's continue to have a place to grow and highlight their business and business community.

Vice-President - the LBA Vice-President must be a member of the LBA & attend all board meetings. They perform President responsibilities when the President cannot be available (see Presidents Job Description), reports to the President, works closely with the President and other staff, participates closely with the President to develop and implement officer transition plans, performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Board.

Secretary - the LBA Secretary must be a member of the LBA & attend all board meetings. They will create and send out LBA newsletters, maintain and update member email list, updates, maintain and drive social media postings and increase presence. They will keep board meeting minutes and send to the "board at large", act as a greeter at LBA meetings making new guests feel welcome, order name badges for new members and assist President and VP as needed on various projects pertaining to LBA and membership.

Treasurer- the LBA Treasurer must be a member of the LBA & will attend all board meetings. They will understand financial accounting and manages finances of the organization, including the collection of event monies. They will also work with the President and the VP to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis. Present the annual budget to the board for approval. 

*All positions are voluntary*